About us

Susanne Blumer | Owner of Huckleberry Farmhouse
Welcome to Huckleberry Farmhouse.

My name is Susanne and Huckleberry Farmhouse is my baby. Well, one of my babies. I'm so happy to have you stop by and hope you fall in love with everything!

Like most of you, I wear a lot of hats in my life. I'm a best-selling author, a mom, a wife, and a farmer.  I also own a retail store where I get to indulge my love of everything farmhouse, handmade and country. We live on Huckleberry Farm in Upstate South Carolina and it is truly a little piece of heaven.

Becoming A Farm Girl

I was a happy city girl when my darling husband decided he wanted some land.  I quickly went from owning a beautiful bridal salon to owning an ornery mule, two donkeys and seven goats. We did not want a mule, two donkeys or seven goats, but they were in the pasture on our first day here so they became ours. It took me several weeks and a published letter to Hobby Farm magazine to figure out which goats were the boys and which were the girls. I laugh now, but at the time, everything “back there” looked the same. I have come a long way in six years.

I embarked on an unexpected journey to being a Farm Girl and ended up falling in love with all of it. The baby chicks, the newborn goats, the wooly lambs, the poop (oh, the poop!), and even the ducks who steal my dogs’ meals every chance they get. I decided if I couldn’t sell wedding gowns, I could sell chickens. Before my husband knew what was happening, I had over 500 chickens and a new vocation as a breeder. Poor guy. He only wanted some land. He had no idea what 110 acres can lead to when you are married to a girl full of dreams. He does now.

The farm keeps me very busy and I love every second of it!  On any given day, I am a goat wrangler, a shepherdess, a beekeeper and a chicken whisperer. I used to have a Chicken Addiction but have been mostly cured. Mostly. Instead of 500 chickens, now I just have 20. I love my donkeys, but I’m scared of my cows.

I have a pet goose named Walker who is convinced she is an actual person and spends much of her day following me around and knocking on the front door. I have 21 guineas which is 21 too many if you ask my husband his thoughts on them. So don’t. Guineas are amazingly entertaining. And they eat ticks. End of discussion. (UPDATE: Walker left to nest last April and hasn’t yet returned. And I’m beyond sad. Read all about her here!)

We built our farmhouse in 2012 and wanted it to look like it had always been here. I adore antiques, big porches, old wood, and fireplaces. We scoured the area for things that would add to the "old" feel of our new home. We put in 150-year old wide plank wood floors complete with antique square nails. They turned out gorgeous! Our four fireplaces have mantles that were salvaged from a house built in 1840. My husband and I spent many hours picking up old bricks out of a pasture so our sunroom fireplace would have bricks with history. Our house turned out to be everything I had ever wanted.  I'm a lucky girl.

About Our Store

When I opened up my new store, I wanted to focus on items with a farmhouse, country, rustic, handmade or vintage feel. I buy what I love and thankfully my customers love it too! We carry a wide variety of things for your home, your kitchen, and your garden. We also have a wonderful array of inspirational gifts.

In addition to our regular merchandise, Huckleberry Farmhouse represents many artists from around the country who lovingly make their products in their own studios. Check out our Handmade section to see their work. Each one is truly a work of art. We also carry Fair Trade products from artisans around the world. I am so proud to bring these items to our local customers and now to our online customers as well.

New merchandise will be arriving often so make sure you check back and see what's new!

If you are looking for something in particular and don't see it, contact me. You never know what I might be able to come up with!

Thanks again for stopping by. Don't be shy about filling up your shopping cart! Your entire order ships for just $8 so order away!!